Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Sunday in the Parques

Gave Mama Esmerelda the day off cooking, took my books, and headed out for a sunday wandering the city.  First stop Baviera Cafe, small fruit plate (enough for two), cafe con leche, and a quiet table with nice jazz playing in the background.  Great place for a little homework.  I've learned to locate myself away from a group of ex-pats who congregate there for a regular sunday morning bitchfest.  Blah, blah, blah, the us govt sux, the guate people are ignorant, yada yada. Ugly americans with a capital ugh.  Lifes too short and the weathers too fine so out into the calle.  Here are a few of yesterdays scenes.

Opera at the theater in February.

Flowers for sale near the cemetario.

Always seems to be some saints day replete with fireworks and a parade.

Sleeping it off.

Sanitarios at the central parque Q1 gets you some tp and a clean attended restroom.  Bring your own seat however.

Skaters feel persecuted in Xela, too.

Teeny tiny truck.

Shine Mister?

Artesenias peddle their wares the first sunday each month.

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