Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colonial Disneyland

There is nothing not to like about Antigua.  Getting there from San Pedro was another shuttle cluster kind of a thing.  Somehow a japanese mini-van is factory equipped with five rows of three abreast seating the outboard of which is a folding jump seat with little in the way of back support (guess who got one of those). We only have twelve aboard as we pull out of San Pedro so we spend the first hour of our journey winding and lurching our way over the mountain's folds to San Marcos la Laguna, maybe a ten minute launch ride across the lake, where we complete our contingent with three more hearty travelers.  Last night was a little bit over the top and now its time to pay. Switchbacks and tumolos make for a lot of braking and accelerating as our poor Nissan van carries its burden out of the caldera.  I applaud when we reach CA-1. It's premature as we come way too close to being the meat in a sandwich between two heavy-duty trucks, one stopped and turning off, the other behind us and going as fast as our van trying to make up for lost time.

Valentines day in Antigua

Almost as famous as McDonalds

The most beautiful square in Central America (according to the books)

The view from our room at Casa Cristina

Another eruption close to Antigua has made for a cloudy afternoon.  The wonderful folks at Casa Cristina have a room waiting for us with a great view of Volcan de Agua.  Antigua is beautiful; flowers, incredible architecture, wonderful food, lively entertainment, lots of gringos and gringo prices.  Not why I came to Guatemala and as it is the most visited spot in the country I'll let the guide books tell you more about it.

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