Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wherein there is a bump in the road to Shangri-La

Doctor, lawyer, beggar-man, thief
Philly Joe Remarkable looks on in disbelief
If you want a taste of madness you'll have to wait in line
You'll probably see someone you know on Heart-attack and Vine
                                              Tom Waits 

I don't know.  He could have been a drunk. Perhaps he was nudged from the curb as the throng pushed to get past a street vendor's cart hogging the sidewwalk.  Maybe just fooling around with friends.  Probably somebody's dad.  I heard the screech followed by the thud and then the sickening slow motion arc of the rag doll tossed into the air and coming to rest in a heap in front of me in the middle of the intersection.  The PNC were immediately on the scene.  I kept walking.

Guatemala City is dirty and gritty.  I put Pam on a plane this morning and moved from the burbs to el centro to see what life is like in the capital.  I look both ways before crossing.  I suggest you do the same.  Laundry and museums today.  Las afueras manana.

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